Obesity Reduction

Two-thirds of Pueblo County adults are either overweight or obese, and almost one-third of Pueblo County children (ages 2-14) are overweight or obese. PTAC is working with Pueblo County groups and organizations in three specific target areas to improve obesity rates: changing the physical environment to encourage more activity for all ages; improving food systems in Pueblo County, and; encouraging Pueblo County employers to create opportunities for their employees to eat healthier and increase physical activity. PTAC is using the Pueblo Community Health Improvement Plan to guide obesity reduction activities.


Obesity is defined by “the condition of being grossly overweight.” 30% of adults in Pueblo County are obese, compared to the Colorado state average of 20%. Those percentages have consistently been the same from 2009-2012.


Overweight is defined as “above a weight considered normal or desirable. Between 2009-2012, the percent of adults in Pueblo County who are overweight decreased from 38% to 34%. In that same time period, the Colorado state average consistently stayed at 36%.

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