Backbone Support

Pueblo Triple Aim will engage stakeholders and guide community problem solving to address Pueblo County’s Triple Aim initiative.


  • Foster opportunities for collaborations to occur by uniting cross-sector agencies.
    • Advance shared a vision for change that includes a mutual understanding of the problem(s) and a joint approach to solving it.
  • Guide community problem solving as it relates to the ReThink Health© “levers” that impact Pueblo County’s health ranking in Colorado.
    • Assist community partners to establish ambitious, measurable goals and create shared measurement practices, and provide support, tools, and metrics to effectively assess performance.
    • Convene the Partnership for Advancing Population Health, a committee actively engaged in Triple Aim initiatives through alignment and differentiation of efforts for local level solutions.
    • Recruit and retain committee members who have a substantial impact on one or more of the Triple Aim dimensions, including internal stakeholders and non-health care sectors.
    • Recruit and retain members with “lived experience” at appropriate levels.
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