Pueblo Triple Aim

An open letter from Luann

An open letter to all the actors who have conspired with Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation to help Pueblo County achieve population health.


Dear Friends,

Today marks my last day as the leader of Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation.  I have been drawn to another team that is also dedicated to healthcare and makes my heart soar.  It was not an easy choice – the team here – professionals working side by side with volunteers – is superb.  I have been energized by Pueblo Triple Aim’s community partners’ efforts to forge a community where the health of all of us matters profoundly.

The work is far from finished.

We are losing a generation of Americans to illnesses we know how to treat if only we could harness the will.  We must stand united to defeat obesity and diabetes, tobacco and substance use disorders, and unintended pregnancies in teens and young adults.  We must work together – all of us in Pueblo County – to ensure that those who need help – through education, programs, fund subsidy, emotional support – can receive it.

We must continue to bring together field experts, families and policymakers to construct an aggressive and comprehensive approach to bettering the patient care experience, to helping people be healthier, and to lowering the costs of healthcare.  This is the Triple Aim: it is the lens through which we view the redesign and transformation of health systems and health care.

We can solve this, together.

I am grateful for the friends I have made, for the things I have learned, and for the impact you made on me personally and professionally.

Carry on.  I stand with you from outside the rank of professional leadership of the alliance, and ready to follow a new leader.  Like so many of you, I will do my part and encourage others to join the effort.



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